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Introducing Duolingo English Test

Nice to meet you! My name is Ringo. I wanted to be fluent in English, so I went on a working holiday, and now I’m working for a foreign manager. I use Duolingo English Test as an index to improve my English ability. In this blog, I would like to introduce Duolingo English Test and announce my scores, and hope that it will be useful for everyone to prepare for Duolingo English Test.

On this page, I will comprehensively explain everything about Duolingo English Test!

  • How is it different from other English tests? What are the benefits?
  • How do I get Duolingo English Test?
  • What score should I get?

I will answer all these questions!

What is the Duolingo English Test?

“What the hell is the Duolingo English Test?”

For those people, this article explains what the Duolingo English Test is all about. The main features are as follows.

  • If you have a computer, you can take it anytime, anywhere
  • World-famous universities such as Yale University and Columbia University have also introduced
  • The exam fee is just US$49 (59 USD for some people [as of May 26, 2023])
  • 1 hour test time
  • Results within 48 hours
  • Sending test results is free and unlimited

It’s a departure from the English tests we’ve had so far. The Duolingo English Test is full of good things, but of course it also has its downsides. The main disadvantages are as follows.

  • Low awareness
  • There are occasions when the test may become invalid.
  • It is difficult to study for the test because there is little information

Awareness is still low, so the lack of information is a problem. However, the YouTube channel “Teacher Luke – Duolingo English Test“, which will be introduced later, provides mock exams and detailed explanations, so don’t worry, you can prepare for the test to some extent only on that channel!

The pros and cons of the Duolingo English Test are summarized in detail in the article below, so please take a look.

>> What is the Duolingo English Test? [Online English test]

Contents of the Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test has the following types of questions:

  • 11 types of questions multiple times each
  • Writing Sample (Writing for 3-5 minutes)
  • Speaking Sample (Speaking for 1-2 minutes)

Below is a summary of the content of each question and how often it is asked.

Questions to be asked

Please note, there have been some changes since May 1, 2023, which are highlighted in red.

NameContentFrequency of appearing in one test
1 : Read and CompleteFill in the blanks with the correct word4 – 6 times
2 : Read and SelectChoose the correct word from a list of correct and incorrect words4 – 6 times
3 : Listen and Select
(Removed from May 1, 2023.)
From a list of correct and incorrect words, choose the correct word by sound alone4 – 6 times
3 : Listen and TypeListen and type what you hear4 – 6 times
4 : Read AloudRead the sentence and say it out loud4 – 6 times
5 : Write About the PhotoLook at the picture and write at least one sentence3 times
6 : Speak About the PhotoLook at the picture and speak for at least 30 secondsOnce
7 : Read, Then WriteRead the question and write at least 50 wordsOnce
8 : Read, Then SpeakRead the question and speak for at least 30 secondsOnce
9 : Listen, Then SpeakListen to the question and speak for at least 30 secondsTwice
10 : Interactive ReadingRead a sentence and answer 6 questions
(Added from March 29, 2022)
2 sets of 6 questions
11 : Interactive Listening
(Added from May 1, 2023.)
Listen to a conversation through audio and choose the correct response. Summarize the conversation.2 sets of 5-6 questions each.
Writing SampleWrite about the topic for 3-5 minutes
(Scoring began from February 28, 2022)
Speaking Sample
(Scoring began from May 1, 2023.)
Talk about a topic for 1-3 minutesOnce

You will solve this in an hour. The test time is only 1 hour, so you can concentrate on answering. Please see the article below for a summary of the questions asked in the test.

>> Contents of the Duolingo English Test [Online English test]

How to take the Duolingo English Test

To take the Duolingo English Test, you start by registering.

The flow is as follows.

  1. Register for the Duolingo English Test
  2. Take a free practice test
  3. Buy a test
  4. Download the test
  5. Take the test when you want
  6. Check test results

Registration and practice tests are free, so if you’re interested, I recommend taking the practice test.

The limit for taking the test is ‘up to three purchases in 30 days’.

Additionally, you must take the test within 21 days of purchase.

With the bundle purchase of tests, you can buy two tests at a discounted price.

A single test typically costs 49 dollars (excluding taxes). (For some, it may be 59 dollars.)

When purchasing a bundle of two tests, it costs 78 dollars (excluding taxes). (For some, it may be 98 dollars.)


Upon checking the Duolingo English Test’s help center, it appears the fee is being changed to 59 dollars. They are currently in the process of gradually increasing the price, so for some people it might be 49 dollars or 59 dollars (as of June 17, 2023). When I logged into DET to verify, my price was 59 US dollars.

Duolingo English Test: Price
Duolingo English Test

You must take the first test within 21 days of purchasing the test. Then, from the day you receive the results of the first test, you have an additional 21 days to take the second test.

You have 21 days to take your first test after purchasing a bundle. Once you receive a result for your first test, you have an additional 21 days to take your second test.

Duolingo English Test help center: What is a test bundle? How do test bundles work?

Please see the article below for information on how to register and how to purchase a test.

>> How to Take the Duolingo English Test [Online English Test]

What you need for the Duolingo English Test

The Duolingo English Test cannot be taken on a smartphone or tablet, so a computer is essential. Here’s what you need for the test:

  1. Computer
  2. Camera, microphone and speakers (unless your computer has one)
  3. Government-issued photo ID
  4. A quiet room where you can be alone for about an hour
  5. Internet environment

Conversely, do not wear headphones, earphones, or anything that blocks your ears. Do not use external materials such as textbooks, anyone other than yourself, or a second monitor.

The following article summarizes what is required for the test, what is not allowed, and prohibited matters, so please take a look.

>> Preparing for the Duolingo English Test [Online English Test]

Test preparation for the Duolingo English Test

There is little information about studying for the Duolingo English Test, but you can prepare to some extent!

Use the official Duolingo English Test website

The official website of the Duolingo English Test offers test preparation.

  • Walkthrough video
  • Practice test
  • Official guide

Roughly grasp with the official Walkthrough video

There is a walkthrough video on the official Duolingo English Test YouTube channel. In a brief video of about four minutes, it simply explains what types of questions there are.

Familiarize yourself with the Duolingo English Test with practice tests

The practice test is a 15-minute 30-minute shortened version that you can take as many times as you like for free. There is no test supervisor, so you can easily take the test. After completing the test, you will receive a predicted score.

Duolingo English Test : Practice Test

Familiarize yourself with the test by reading the official guide

If you log in to the Duolingo English Test official website, you can see the official guide of about 80 pages in PDF format. From the content of the Duolingo English Test to tips, it is written in detail. It’s all written in English, so just reading the official guide will help you practice reading and give you a solid grasp of the test. However, it takes time, so I think that it is good when you have time. There are also practice questions at the end of the official guide.

Use YouTube

After watching the contents of the official website mentioned above, I strongly recommend watching Luke’s YouTube video next! This channel provides detailed explanations of only the Duolingo English Test and publishes mock tests. It is really well explained and very useful, so please take a look. He’s speaking in English, so if you can, turn on the subtitles and listen.

It’s a good idea to take a mock test with Mr. Luke’s video, and after learning the tips of the test, practice speaking English with your English teacher(if you have). You can take the test at any time, so it is recommended that you decide on a date to take the test before you start studying. Otherwise, a weak-willed person like me will always put the test on the back burner. I have written a detailed post about studying for the test.

>> Duolingo English Test Study Recommendations

How to Read Your Duolingo English Test Score

You will receive your test results online in the form of a score report within 48 hours of taking the test. The score is divided into “overall” and “subscore”. “Subscore” is defined by the following four abilities.

  • Literacy : Ability to read and write
  • Comprehension : Ability to listen and read
  • Conversation : Ability to speak and listen
  • Production : Ability to write and speak

This is the score report when I took the test in July 2022. 110 is the overall and the other numbers are subscores.

Unlike other English tests, it is not divided into listening, reading, writing, and speaking, but it is premised on using multiple skills at the same time. You can see a comparison table with TOEFL, IELTS, and CEFR on the official page below.

Duolingo English Test: Score comparison

I want to be around IELTS 7.0, so I am aiming for 130 – 135 on the Duolingo English Test.

Duolingo English Test: Score comparison

For more information on Duolingo English Test scores, please see the article below.

>> How to read the score report for the Duolingo English Test

What if my Duolingo English Test is invalid

Any suspected violation of the Duolingo English Test rules will void the test. The rules are as follows.

Test rules

  • Must be alone in a quiet, well-lit room
  • Ears must be visible and uncovered
  • Face must be visible and unobscured
  • No headphones or earphones
  • No outside materials including mobile devices, notes, or textbooks


For more information, please check Duolingo English Test : Test Policies, Rules, and Requirements on the official website.

If you break the rules, your account may be blocked. If your account is not blocked, you can retake the exam. Even if you are blocked, if you have any reason or want to express your opinion, you can object about it from the “APPEAL THIS RESULT” button.(sorry, the image below was taken after sending an appeal, so the name of button is “APPEAL SUBMITTED” now.)

To avoid suspicion of cheating, you should always keep your face in the frame and look at the screen during the test.

I can’t help but look up when thinking and looking at the keyboard when typing, but I’ve never been disabled for that reason. It seems to be okay even if the line of sight shifts a little.

I wrote more about invalidating the test in the article below.

>> What if the Duolingo English Test becomes invalid? How not to be invalideted

How to use the Duolingo English Test customer support

It’s an online English test, so you can also make inquiries online. First, try searching the Frequently Asked Questions on the Duolingo English Test official website: help center Frequently Asked Questions. If your issue is not resolved, you can contact their customer support through the ‘HELP’ section of the official site.

Duolingo English Test: HELP

When you click “HELP”, a search window will appear in the lower left. Search for what you want to find there.

Duolingo English Test: HELP

If you still can’t solve it, click “Contact Us” and write your inquiry, then click “Send” to send it.

Duolingo English Test: HELP
Duolingo English Test: HELP

Surprisingly, it is okay to make inquiries in a foreign language! I was able to contact them in Japanese. It seemed that they were replying using the automatic translation function. I’m impressed that their effort.

For more information about “Help”, see the article below.

>> How to contact Duolingo English Test and how to use help


The Duolingo English Test is a very convenient English test that can be taken anywhere, anytime, at a low cost.

Perfect for those who

  • want to keep up their English skills.
  • want to be able to speak English.
  • want some index for learning English.

So, please give it a try!